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abraham lincoln s boyhood home presidents a discover our - abraham lincoln the 16th president of the united states lived on this land in southern indiana for 14 years growing from a boy to a young man he used his hands and his back to help carve a farm and home out of the frontier forests he used his mind to enter and explore the world of books and, abraham lincoln s personality abraham lincoln s classroom - references allen g guelzo holland s informants the construction of josiah holland s life of abraham lincoln journal of the abraham lincoln association volume 23 number 1 winter 2002 p 53 letter from j t duryea to josiah g holland undated marquis adolphe de chambrun impressions of lincoln and the civil war a foreigner s account p 102, abraham lincoln manifest destiny cause of civil war and - here are the sources first the rise of one nation under god the phrases one nation under god added to the pledge and in god we trust added to coins in 1864 one year before the civil war ended both can be attributed to abraham lincoln s administration