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lacan jacques internet encyclopedia of philosophy - jacques lacan 1901 1981 it would be fair to say that there are few twentieth century thinkers who have had such a far reaching influence on subsequent intellectual life in the humanities as jacques lacan, reading lacan where to start lacanonline com - a few people have contacted me recently via this site asking for suggestions of what to read either by way of introduction to lacan or for an alternative perspective on his work the list below are some of the titles i usually recommend to them by adding it to the site it will hopefully help, clinical lacan lacanian clinical field joel dor judith - clinical lacan lacanian clinical field joel dor judith feher gurewich susan fairfield on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this companion text to introduction the reading of lacan focuses on the concept of the psychic structures of desire using case examples, the symptom 11 jacques lacan lacan dot com - author s bio translation by asunci n lvarez among all semblances in the world some operate in the psychoanalytic experience to deal with the relations between men and women, lacanian psychotherapy theory and practical applications - the work of jacques lacan is associated more with literature and philosophy than mainstream american psychology due in large part to the dense language he employs in articulating his theory including often at the expense of clinical illustration, the symptom 14 jacques lacan lacan dot com - author s bio translated by gabrielle shorr sublimation sublimierung the word is in freud taken from his discourse on the art of his time after kant the sublime was distinguished from beauty by the tension that persisted in it while subsiding in beauty, what does lacan say about the signifier lacanonline com - that there are in the unconscious signifying chains which subsist as such and which from there structure act on the organism influence what appears from the outside as a symptom this is the whole basis of analytic experience seminar v 21 05 58 p 7, post structuralism literary and critical theory oxford - introduction post structuralism denotes a way of theorizing that emerged around the 1950s predominantly in france among otherwise extremely diverse intellectuals although many question this label