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jazz conception for alto or baritone saxophone by jim - this book contains 21 solo etudes for jazz phrasing interpretation improvisation the solos are based on standards blues demonstrated by jim snidero on alto saxophone accompanied by one of today s finest swinging rhythm sections mike ledonne on piano dennis irwin on bass kenny washington on drums, easy jazz conception for alto saxophone easy jazz - easy jazz conception for alto saxophone easy jazz conception jim snidero on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers shows some signs of wear and may have some markings on the inside 100 money back guarantee, saxophone jazz music van cott information services inc - s467 10 jazz inventions for 2 alto saxophones by lennie niehaus kendor music 1983 ss 20 pages in score format these 10 duets which the publisher has labeled as grade 4 could be used by any like treble clef instruments although they tend to be in the middle of the staff and above, saxophone play along cds van cott information services - saxophone play along music minus one and other publishers updated 27 june 2018 this page has play along cds or downloadable audio that provide the saxophonist the opportunity to play popular classical and jazz pieces with accompaniment all of the albums include printed music